Growly Delivers

We are a weekly subscription service in Metro Phoenix that delivers local craft beverages in reusable growlers.


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Don’t settle for gas station beer. We have over 15 PHX Beer Co. brews to choose from.



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Life is too precious to spend it driving. We’ll bring the brewery to you!


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Be the first to learn about PHX craft news while supporting local breweries!

As Seen In

Sunset Sour
$11.00 - $17.00

Pleasantly tart, balanced tart cherry and red raspberry puree additions.

Sonoran White Chocolate
$11.00 - $17.00

A light refreshing and completely unique wheat beer. This brew has a delicate aroma and a subtle taste of white chocolate.

Monsoon IPA
$11.00 - $17.00

Our unfiltered West Coast IPA explodes with mango and papaya aroma. The addition of wheat malt produces an elegant lacing and almost sweet finish.

Beyond the Peel
$11.00 - $17.00
This summer seasonal is our Far Beyond Pale Ale but with 100% all natural blood orange. The flavor starts orangey sweet before transitioning to finish as a classic pale ale.

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